Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Hokkaido Countryside

Recently I had the luxury of having a few days off from work during the student summer vacation.  My little Japan trip started with two days in Sapporo, enjoying the city atmosphere and seeing some friends.  The next day I flew to Tokyo and had a free day before helping with the Tokyo Orientation for all the new JETs! I can't believe a full year has gone by already - I was that new JET just last year!  And on top of that, my birthday is coming up so I'll be 23 soon.  I wish I could slow time down - it's going way too fast!

After helping at the Tokyo Orientation, I flew back to Hokkaido with my friend Miriam, and her friend Dan.  We spent two days around Daisetsuzan National Park and Biei, Hokkaido (central Hokkaido, near Asahikawa), then drove to spend the night in Kitami, followed by two days and one night in Shiretoko.  We returned to Kitami where I just said goodbye to two of the best roadtrippers that I know.  It's only been a day since I said goodbye to them, and about 10 days since I started this adventure, but I think I'm already having people withdrawals.  

Anyways, this post will be considerably less detailed and lengthy since some of my last ones since I'm still a bit tired from all the traveling.  I've posted a few pictures below to hopefully entice some of you to consider coming to visit me soon! 

Please enjoy!

Bihoro Togue view of Lake Kussharo