Friday, December 17, 2010

A few fun pictures - Enjoy!

I've learned to love the Japanese English that's everywhere - here's a name of a new candy, just in time for Christmas!

Above are the New Year's Resolutions of my "English Special Lecture Session" class.  They are five high school seniors who either really enjoy English or want to study it more at the university level.  Apparently there is a lot of relationship drama this year.

I was reviewing the poetry made by a 3rd grade class (seniors in high school) and thought that I'd share my six favorite. 

After I gave a presentation on American music and showed a Beyonce music video, students had to write a response for me.  These three were my favorites, but the one who gets the extra credit is the student who wrote "kimu cuter than Biyonse" - a bit delusional, but I love it!

Vending machines are really popular here in Japan.  The three above were at the bus station while my friend and I waited for our bus back to Kitami.  Do you want a hot white mocha?  What about some hot fried food? Would you like a beer or two for the ride?

Can you see the orange and yellow teardrop on the car ahead of me?  In Japan, once you reach a certain age, you must put one of these stickers on the rear of your car so that other drivers know that you are officially an elderly driver. 

These are the gifts I returned with after a visit to the mentally challenged school in Kitami.  I only visit twice a year, so it was a big deal to the kids and they made the wood items, the ceramics, and the cloth coasters for me.  Then, they had a gift exchange and I got the blanket and the pen that looks like a crazed-scientist-candycane-bird combination.

This is at the place where I usually practice taiko once or twice during the week.  It was our Christmas party, so they put out lots of food, drinks, and desserts while various groups who use this community center performed their pieces.  It was lots of fun!

Last week all the JET participants gathered in Sapporo for our Mid-year conference.  We were more excited about the social aspect of it, though.  This photo is of Sapporo's Illumination festival in Odori Park.  It was quite festive with lights, food, mulled wine, and vendors from Russia and Germany selling their holiday goods.

Last month, my student won the Abashiri District Preliminary Speech contest.  She gave a terrific speech on her time in Malayasia.  Although she did all the hard work, I was one proud teacher and coach, too!

The next time that I update my blog, I will probably have a few pictures and videos from Thailand!  Check back next year for that. :)

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year!


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  1. I´m so jealous you get to go to Thailand!!!! We need to talk ASAP! nice pics too :D