Friday, June 3, 2011

America's Next Top Model!

Almost two months ago I was contacted by an acquaintance who asked if I'd be interested in doing some hair modeling for the salon she goes to.  I gave it about 30 seconds worth of thought before deciding that of course I'd love to help them out! 

The people at World Love Salon were wonderful, super nice, and helped me feel comfortable.  I only hope that they had as much fun as I did!  They washed my hair, dried it, did my make-up, and styled my hair.  In all it took a little more than three hours from start to finish. 

The final product only came out a few days ago, so not many people have said anything or noticed yet - if it gets any notice at all.  However, I did come home from work today to find four Kitami Bis magazines sticking out of my mailbox.  No message or note - just the magazines with my picture in them...but don't worry, I don't get a creepy vibe or anything from it. 

Enjoy a few pictures from the photo shoot and at the bottom I share the final result!

Here's me in the getting prepped for the photo shoot:

  My first outfit: the Blue dress

My second outfit: The Red Dress

And the final product: 

Available in the (free) June Bis Magazine around Kitami!

As a side note, I think it's not unusual for rural foreign residents in Japan to have an opportunity or two like this.  No way would this have happened if I were living near Tokyo, but in the little town of Kitami it's clearly possible.  I definitely think the hair stylist liked working with my hair since most Japanese hair has the same approximate color and texture and mine is quite different...though still stick straight.   

If you want to read more about a crazy modeling experience which included runway walking among professional models, click here to read Miriam's story.  Mine, by comparison, was much more low-key. 



  1. Hi. I'm an American that's been trying to find some teaching jobs in Hokkaido and I found your blog. I found a few small schools that are hiring in Kitami and I wanted to ask you how is it? Besides the weather, and what I'm sure is a very minimal foreign presence, how is it living there? Anything shock you when you first arrived?

  2. Hm, where do I begin? In general, living here is comfortable. You can get by without a car (but if you're staying more than a year I couldn't recommend it), you can buy anything you need and plenty that you don't, and people are generally friendly. There will be things that will drive you crazy but as long as you remind yourself of the good, you'll find a balance.

    What was most shocking to me was the state of the education system in Japan, particularly English. It's amazing to see so many students slacking off, getting failing grades on tests and not caring because there's no consequences to failing (you move up the grade regardless), sleeping in class, and showing disrespect to others or the teachers. It wasn't my image of Japan's schools...and maybe it's because we're a bit in the country out here but I teach at 7 different high schools and I see this at all but the top one or two schools.

    I did some previous posts on day-to-day life, challenges of living here, my favorite experiences, etc. so feel free to look through those. If you have facebook and want to send me a message, I'm the only Kimberly Johnson in Kitami. :) If you send me a private message I could possible ask around about the schools you're thinking of working at.

  3. I am one of the few without facebook, but I'll be sure to read your posts.