Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Dear Students,

I know it's surprising to see me anytime, and it's especially surprising to see me outside of school.  You're correct, I'm not Japanese.  I guess that means you would call me a "foreigner," but don't worry, I'm not offended. Yes, I'm real.  And yes, I can hear you.  And I know that you can hear me.  

When you see me outside in the evening, near my home, don't be afraid.  It is just as much of my natural habitat as the school is.  I know that you don't always enjoy English class, but all of you are high school students, and therefore have studied English - whether you wanted to or not - for at least four years. 

You may be surprised to hear and have to use English outside of school, but please try a little.  Humor me.  What is the point of learning English if you never use it outside of school?  When it is 7:30 at night, the sun is setting, and I say "good evening" as I walk by you, you do not say "good morning."  It is not the morning.  Having such poor English isn't something to be proud of and laugh about with your friends.  It makes you look foolish. 

I just wanted to let you know that it hurts a little.  Haven't I taught you well?  Didn't your junior high school ALTs teach you the difference between morning and evening?  You are old enough to know better.  All it would take is a little thought and that's all I'm asking for - some thought

Your ALT

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