Saturday, July 28, 2012

Videos of my Last Day

As promised in my last blog, here are the videos from my last day in Japan. 

2:03 - See if you can spot the student sleeping standing up
2:25 - Listen to my principal read the certificate in English
4:45 - Failed attempt to get the students to say something
4:54 - Start of my speech in Japanese

Compare the atmosphere of this speech to the one I made a few weeks earlier at the school festival where I first told most students that I was leaving:

(Please forgive the shaky video)

This video is from after my farewell speech, and the student is presenting me with some flowers and saying some nice things about my teaching.  Then you get to watch me walk out of the gym.  Near the back of the gym, the volleyball boys - who I started having lunch with about once a month - presented me with a nice card that they all signed and wrote notes to me in English. That was really touching. 

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  1. なつかしい。=)
    Good job with the speech.