Thursday, July 12, 2012

What Did I Just Witness?

On the last day of the school festival, three of the 3rd year homeroom classes held their hour long "show" (for a lack of a better term).  These shows usually include some class dance where everyone does a choreographed dance to a song, plus something else such as skits, talent competitions, or short comedies. 

Let me describe one short comedy sketch that I witnessed, and feel free to let me know what would explain these actions.

Three baseball players were on stage in spandex - only spandex. One student had a large protrusion emphasized by the fact that he was wearing white spandex shorts while everyone else wore black. They did some sort of choreographed actions and shouting that involved a lot of pointing to their bulges (and each others', and at the crowd, and so on). This went on for a while to loud cheering. Then they called some name, and another baseball player came out from behind the curtains. The one player with the large protrusion said some things as he pulled out a  protective cup from his pants - held it to the sky as if in victory as he yelled, and then shoved it down the student's pants who had just appeared from behind the curtain.  
They did their sketch again, then the four students shouted another's name, the kid appeared, and the guy who now had the protective cup did the same thing - pulled it out of his pants, thrusting it into the air, then reaching into the new kid's spandex pants to put it in place.  They repeated this several times, sharing the same cup each time.

I was shocked.  Am I old-fashioned and should just lighten up a bit, or is this shock attributable to the differences in culture...or is this weird even for Japan?  I may never know. 

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